Get to Know Us

One YouTube video, 257 cups of coffee, 1,023 hours, and the foundation for Hoverover Photography and Video was built.

Founded in 2017 and based in Safety Harbor, Florida, we are a trusted market leader providing high-quality aerial and ground-level photos and videos to various industries and individuals within the Pinellas County area. We are locally owned and operated.

Realizing the power of photos and videos in our society today, we emphasize storytelling from the sky and provide you with a refreshing perspective to achieve your marketing or project goals.

Our mission

We emphasize aerial and ground-level photography and video to provide a refreshing perspective on storytelling.

Our promise

We deliver high-quality and professional work to highlight and strengthen your brand.

Our character

We are dependable, determined, and creative in all of our projects – cultivating a relationship of trust.

Our belief

All great things are built on the success of hard working people, so we strive with grit and perseverance.

FAA Certified to Fly Drones for Business Purposes

Licensed and Insured

In the Air since 2017

We Love What We Do

We combined our passion for people, technology, photography, and videography into a company that we are proud of. There are so many ways to impact the world around us and we are grateful to be able to provide something so meaningful to our community and beyond.

As passionate and professional people, we care about every person and every project.

Let us make an impact together.

Let Us Help Make Your Next Project a Success.